There are specific pain medications for each unique type of pain sensation. Sharp pain or an electric, pins and needle pain typically is due to nerve damage. Nerve damage can be caused by trauma, surgery, cancer, toxins in the body such as high blood sugar, chemotherapy, alcohol, or viruses as in the shingles

Ketamine infusions for pain resistant to usual therapy may be an option for those suffering with nerve pain.

If you have chronic pain, Dr. Scott  is one of the areas leading pain management doctors, and is an expert in prescribing the right pain relievers.  

Dr. Scott has been treating chronic pain for over 25 years.  He will take the time to sit down with you and give you pain medication options that fit your pain problem, your physiology and financial/insurance situation.  Dr. Scott is free to prescribe you the very best in pain therapy, and he will fight the insurance companies to get you the best medicines for your pain if needed. At Newport Pain Management pain medications can help with pain, insomnia, depression due to pain, and activity levels. 


Dull pain, pain that aches is often due to arthritis. Osteoarthritis pain is wear and tear in joints as we age. The pain tends to get worse as the day goes on, but can be very severe at night. There are several medications that wok well in reducing dull pain. Click on the pictures below to find out more!

Exercise is Medicine

Motion is Lotion

For dull pain such as caused by arthritis, exercise is a double edged sword, We know that exercise can reduce pain in the long run, but cause pain in the short term to increase. This is where pain medications and a good therapist  can help a lot. The right medication can help get you moving so you can build up your exercise levels and start on the road to pain reduction. 

Dull Pain

Where is Your Pain?

Sharp Pain

Pain Relievers

Severe Pain

Newport Pain


Sometimes the pain is too severe for just one pain medication to handle. For thousands of years, man has turned to opiates such as morphine for severe pain. The good side is that properly used and monitored, opiates can offer pain relief. But opiates have a dark side, such as tolerance to its pain relieving properties-forcing a pain sufferer to need an ever higher dose over time. Opiates can also be drugs of abuse, and strict guidelines must be followed to ensure safety when using these powerful medications. 


If you want to try to control your pain without narcotics such as oxycodone, morphine or hydrococodone, and try other  non-narcotic pain medications, we may be able to help. If opioids are the only way to control your pain, we can help you find out, and help you live safely with these medications.