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Help is only a phone call away for your chronic pain.  We at Newport Pain Management have been helping patients reduce pain since 1995. As such, we have a good idea of what products and services pain sufferers prefer best to use to reduce their pain. We post our prices for office visits, check-ups, and for common pain blocks like epidural steroids, nerve blocks, trigger point blocks and nerve injections. We also have Ketamine therapy at reasonable rates. Check out our products and services and see what could help you live a bit more comfortably.

Welcome to Newport Pain Management. We are pain management doctors at one of the largest, oldest and most trusted pain treatment centers in Orange County, California. We offer the latest in pain therapy for almost any chronic pain problem from low back pain to headaches. At Newport Pain Management pain medications are a specialty. from herbal products to opiates. We have been doing interventional pain blocks since 1995. We have easy first floor access, and free parking for our patients. We accept medicare patients and most insurance. Call today for your appointment. 

Chronic pain has been defined as pain that persists beyond the normal expected healing time. This persistent pain despite apparent healing effects all aspects of a person's life, from sleep to work and relationships. Pain, is then considered a disease onto itself.  Thus at Newport Pain Management, we find it is important to treat the whole person, typically using a variety of techniques all at once, including physical therapy, medications, blocks and counseling. Each therapy helps a bit, so the sum result is a big improvement in living with pain. Chronic Pain FAQs Here.